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Motor Insurance

  • Motor insurance is the insurance policy for vehicles.
  • It includes insurance for Cars, Two-Wheelers, commercial vehicles like buses and trucks etc.
  • There are separate policies to cover each of the categories.
  • In India, it is legally mandatory (for all motor vehicles under the Motor Vehicles Act) to buy motor insurance at the point of purchase a vehicle and also to ensure that such policy is kept active (by renewals) during the life-time of the vehicle.
  • The premium amount payable towards motor insurance is decided by various factors. These include type of car, age of the vehicle, age of the insured, Insured Declared Value, claim history, police records (specially in case of commercial vehicles).
  • Types of Motor Insurance include:
    1. Basic Motor Insurance: The coverage under this policy include loss / damage by accident, fire, lightning, self-ignition, external explosion, burglary, housebreaking or theft or any other malicious act. With additional riders, loss / damage to accessories can also be covered.
    2. Third-party motor insurance: This cover tries to protect the policy holder against any financial liability as a result of death, physical injury or damage to property of a third party. In this policy, the policy holder is the ‘first party’, the insurance company is the ‘second party’, and the person the policy holder has injured by way of his motor vehicle and who is claiming damages for such injury is the ‘third party’. The policy, however, does not cover damage to the vehicle of the insured, or injuries suffered by the insured. There are some exceptions to the policy. Example driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving without a valid driving licence, causing the accident deliberately or attempt to murder are some reasons that will make the claim under this policy invalid.
    3. Comprehensive Cover: This is the highest level of cover available for motor insurance. It covers (all or some) against (1) injuries to people (self and others) & damage to vehicles (self and others) (2) the insured vehicle being damaged, stolen or destroyed in a fire (3) any medical expenses and incremental damage arising out of the accident and (4) damage to or theft of vehicle's contents including electronic accessories.
    4. Personal accident cover: Personal Accident Cover ensures financial stability for the policy holder and his/her family in the event of an accident. The policy is specially designed to provide financial assistance while dealing with the aftermath of the accident like death, burns, permanent / temporary disability, injuries etc. Some policies however do not cover accidents arising out of acts of war or terror.
  • In terms of product coverage, the policies include:
    1. Commercial Vehicle Cover
    2. Private Car Cover
    3. Private two-wheeler cover

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