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Religare Health Insurance Covers everyone's (individual and family) healthcare needs:

  • From Diagnosis to Recovery - "Care" at every step! : We understand that the meter doesn't start from hospitalization but from the time of diagnosis and goes on even post discharge. We stand with you throughout the journey and not just for an event.
  • 30 Day Pre-Hospitalization Coverage: The procedures that you undergo before getting hospitalized finally lead you to a hospital, such as investigative tests and routine medication, can be quite financially draining. We cover the medical expenses incurred by you up to 30 days before your hospitalization.
  • Ambulance Cover: It's our utmost concern that you get the medical attention, you require as soon as possible, especially in an emergency. Which is why, we reimburse expenses incurred by you while availing a domestic road ambulance during your hospitalization. Not just this, some plans of our product care also offer coverage for availing an Air Ambulance if suggested by a doctor.
  • In-Patient Hospitalization for at least 24 hours: We pays for – room charges, nursing expenses and intensive care unit charges, surgeon's fee, doctor's fee, anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, etc.; If you are admitted to a hospital for in-patient care, for a minimum period of 24 consecutive hours.
  • Hospitalization less than 24 Hours: We cover medical expenses if you undergo a day care treatment which might not require you to stay hospitalized for 24 hours or more. As a matter of fact, we cover over 540+ day care procedures.
  • Room Rent: We reimburse every expense occurred while you're staying in single or private room. You can also upgrade your room should there be a need to and is recommended by a treating doctor.
  • ICU Charges: In time of an emergency we believe your focus should be only on your recovery. Hence, we take care of those ICU charges that come in your way of getting a quality treatment.
  • 60-Day Post – Hospitalization Coverage: Expenses don't end once you're discharged which is why even we don't rest unless you're completely ready to take all the challenges of life head on. We reimburse expenses such as doctor consultations, Diagnostic tests, medications etc that you incur up to 60 days post your hospitalization.
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization: In case of an emergency or a medical condition that does not allow you to get admitted in a hospital, we provide coverage for medical expenses incurred during your treatment at home for a period exceeding 3 consecutive days. So nothing should delay the treatment you deserve.
  • Annual Health Check-up: We believe in the old adage that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. This is why we give an Annual Health Check-up for yourself and all members covered by your policy, including children.
  • Automatic Recharge of Sum Insured: Keep your worries regarding medical expenses outside the door with Automatic Recharge of Sum insured. If you ever run out of your health cover due to claims made, we will reinstate the entire Sum Insured amount of your policy. This additional amount can be used by you for any other ailment or by any other insured member for treatment of any ailment.
  • No-Claim Bonus: We raise a cheer to good health for every year that you don't claim by increasing your Sum Insured by 10%, up to a maximum of 50% in consecutive 5 years.
  • Organ Donor Cover: We care about those who help you as much as we care for you. So, beyond ensuring that your medical needs are met, we will reimburse you for medical expenses that are incurred by an organ donor while undergoing the organ transplant surgery.
  • Reassurance of Second Opinion: Sometimes reassurance works better than the cure itself. Which is why if, at any moment you feel uncertain about your diagnosis, you can opt for a second opinion at no extra cost specially arranged by us.
  • No Upper Age Limit of Enrolment: All our plans including 'care', come with no upper age limit of enrolment i.e. even if a person is 100 years old, they can definitely apply.
  • Lifelong Renewability: We don't leave you in between the journey and honour our commitment by giving our customers option of lifelong renewability i.e. once enrolled an individual can continue to stay covered throughout one's life, provided they renew their policy on time every year.
  • Even alternate treatments are covered: We understand that sometimes non-allopathic treatments may prove to be more effective. Whether it is Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha or Homeopathy, choose the treatment that suits you and we will cover it up to a specified limit and varies according to the plan chosen.
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