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Shubham Housing Finance offers home loans at interest rates ranging from 11.90% per annum to 16.00% per annum with a repayment term of up to 20 years. You can avail of loan amounts ranging from Rs.20 Lakhs to Rs.50 Lakhs which also depends on the location. 

Shubham Home Loan Interest Rates

Shubham Housing offers loans to people with low incomes as well.  A customer can avail of the loan to purchase a new house/flat, construct a house, extend or renovate the existing one. The Shubham housing finance home loan interest rates range from 11.9% per annum to 16% per annum.

Shubham Housing Finance Home Loan
Interest Rate 11.9% to 16%
Loan Amount Rs 5 lakh to Rs 50 Lakh
Loan Tenure Up to 30 years

Features and Benefits of Shubham Home Loan

  • 0.25% lower rate of interest for women income holder
  • Shubham can offer loans up to 85% of the property value
  • Applicants with cash income can also apply
  • Shubham offers loans ranging from Rs.5 lakh to Rs.50 lakh depending on the city.
  • Customers can select a loan tenure up to 30 years. Borrowers can also opt for shorter terms after assessing their EMI affordability.
  • Shubham Home Loans can be used for plot purchase plus construction, property purchase, and loans takeover. Re-financing options and balance transfer top-up loans are also available.
  • Borrowers need not present a guarantor when applying for Shubham Home Loans which makes the process less complicated.
  • Free property and personal accident insurance

Types of Shubham Home Loan

The home loan offered by Shubham Home Finance can be used for the following purposes:

  • Purchase of New Property
  • Home Loan
  • Home construction loan
  • Plot purchase plus construction
  • Loan against property
  • Balance Transfer
  • Balance Transfer top-up loan

Eligibility Criteria for Shubham Housing Finance Home Loan

The eligibility criteria to qualify for Shubham Housing finance home loan are given as follows:

  • The applicant must be aged over 21 and under 65 years old at the time of maturity.
  • The borrower must have a functional bank account in order for the loan to be processed.
  • The applicant must reside in a city where the Office of Shubham Housing Financing is located.
  • No guarantor is required
  • All the owners of the property being financed and all individuals whose income has been considered for the loan have to be the co-applicants to the loan.

Shubham Housing Finance Home Loan Documentation

Shubhuam needs standard KYC documents along with an application form filled via One must have these documents handy for quick processing of the home loan. The following are the documents required for Shubham Home Loan

  • Identity Proof - PAN Card, Voter ID, and Passport
  • Address proof – Ration card, Electricity bill, etc.
  • Property-related documents
  • Income proof documents, as applicable

How to apply for Shubham Home Loan 

Shubham Housing Development Finance Company is an organization that provides Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)housing loans and finance solutions for poor people. Their target audience is those who earn less than Rs. 50000 per year. They offer interest rates as low as 3 percent.

  • Fill up an application on
  • The Shubham team will do the necessary check of the documents and have a discussion with the applicant. After ensuring everything the team will sanction the loan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much does a home loan cost?

The interest rate for home loans ranges from 11.90% to 16% p.a

  • What kind of documents are required for Shubham Home Loan?

Duly filled application form along with proof of identity like PAN Card, Voter ID, and passport Address proof – ration card, electricity bill, etc.

  • How to apply for Shubham Home Loans?

Borrowers need not present a guarantor when applying for Shubham Home Loans which makes the process less complicated. They have to fill up the form on After filling up the form Shubham team will fix up an appointment for a face-to-face meeting and cross-checking of documents. The loan would be sanctioned post confirming the authenticity of all the documents. 

  • Can we do prepayment of loan? 

Yes, prepayment of loan is allowed in Shubhum Home Loan. There is no prepayment penalty for partial or full repayment of the loan. 

  • What are the loan repayment options available to us?

The monthly installment of the loan can be paid either PDC (Post Dated Cheque) or through ECS (Electronic Clearing Services) as per the convenience of the customer. 


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