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The Citi Cashback Credit Card offers the customers a wide variety of cashback offers on all their transactions made using this card. This allows the customers to get a percentage of the transacted amount back. There is no joining fee and has an annual fee of Rs 500 (+GST). Let us read more about the card below.


  • 5% cashback on movie ticket purchases
  • 5% cashback on all your telephone & utility bill 
  • 0.5% cashback on all your purchases

Best Suited For

  • Cashback
  • Movie
  • Dining

Features & Benefits of Citi Cashback Credit Card

  • 5% cashback on movie ticket purchases.
  • 5% cashback on telephone & utility bill payments.
  • 0.5% cashback on all other spends.
  • Get your cashback in multiples of Rs 500 automatically credited to your statement.

Promotions for Citi Cashback Credit Card

  • Get up to 20% off on dining across participating restaurants with your Citi Cashback Credit Card.
  • Get great EMI options on online travel booking and shopping at over 2000 stores.
  • Get an instant loan on your Citi Cashback Credit Card with Citi Quick Cash.
  • Get 26,000 deals and discounts locally and in 90 other countries with Citi World Privileges.
  • Get a Travel & Lifestyle specialist to create and plan an unforgettable experience by calling at 0008 004 407 027 for Mastercard cardholders and 1800-114-999 for Visa cardholders.

Eligibility Criteria for Citi Cashback Credit Card

  • The applicant should be between the ages of 23 and 60 years and should be an Indian citizen.
  • The applicant must have a good credit score and a CIBIL score of 700 and above.
  • Applicant must have a minimum income of Rs 25,000 per month

Required Documents for Citi Cashback Credit Card

  • Proof of Identity: Valid Driving License/ Voter’s ID card/ Valid passport issued by the Indian government etc.
  • Proof of Address: Proof of possession of Aadhaar number/ Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government/ Voter’s ID card etc.
  • Latest two salary slip for Salaried Applicant
  • Latest year ITR with audited financials and computation of income for self-employed applicants.

How to apply for Citi Cashback Credit Card

  1. Click here to start your credit card application process.
  2. Fill the basic requirements like your Name, Occupation, Monthly Income etc. to check your eligibility.
  3. If found to be eligible, you will be redirected to the online credit card application page.
  4. Fill the online application form, upload the required documents and submit the form.
  5. You will receive your Citi Cashback Credit Card within a few working days after Citibank approves of your online application form.

Fees & Charges of Citi Cashback Credit Card



Joining Fee


Annual Fee

Rs 500 + GST

Over credit limit charge

2.5% of the amount over the credit limit, subject to a minimum of Rs 500

Returned payment charge

Rs 500 per returned payment

Railway ticket booking surcharge

1.8% of the transaction value

Foreign currency transaction

Conversion markup of 3.5%

Statement request fee

Rs 100 (for more than 3 months)

Cash payment at ATMs

Rs 100 per deposit


Late Payment for Citi Cashback Credit Card

Amount (in Rupees)

Late payment fees (in Rupees)

0 – 1000


1001 – 5000


5001 – 10000


> 10,000



How to redeem Citi Cashback Credit Card cashback?

The cashback shall be credited into your Citi Cashback Credit Card bank account automatically on a collection of Rs 500. In the event that the cashback earned for the month is less than Rs 500, the remaining cashback will be carried over to the next month’s statement until a minimum of Rs 500 is earned and the cashback is fully credited. Your credit will be processed only in multiples of Rs 500. On redemption, the cashback would be automatically adjusted from the accumulated cashback in your card account.

Customer care for Citi Cashback Credit Card

Customers can reach or contact Citi Bank through various ways given below.

  1. Citi Bank Customer Care Number: For India: 1860 210 2484 (Local call charges apply), For outside of India: +91 22 4955 2484
  2. Citi Bank Virtual Query Assistant: You can get answers to your queries via the Citibank Virtual Query Assistant, which is an automated service. To use this, go to the Customer Service page of Citibank and click on the ‘Ask Me’ tab. A pop-up will open where you can type your general product and service-related queries in the ‘Ask’ field.
  3. Write to Citibank: You can write to Citibank through a secured channel and get a personalized response to your query. To do this, go to Citibank Customer Service page, create a User ID if you don’t already have one, login, and write about your query to Citibank.
  4. Citibank Credit Card Postal Address:

For Ordinary Post

For Registered Post

Citibank N.A.,
P.O. Box No. 4830,
Anna Salai Post Office,
Chennai - 600 002.

Citibank N.A.,
9th Floor,
New Door No.148 (Old No.68),
Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai,
Chennai – 600 004.

Grievance Redressal: If you are not satisfied with the response received from the different ways mentioned above, then you may mail your query to the “Head Customer Care” in the following ways: -

  • Send an email to or call the bank at 1800 425 2484 (toll-free) or at 022-49552425 (local dialing) between 10 am to 6 pm (Monday-Saturday).
  • Send an email to Citibank’s “Principal Nodal Officer” at in case of further escalation. You can also call him at 1800 266 2400 (toll-free) or 022-49552400 (local dialing) between 10 am-6 pm (Monday-Saturday).


Citi Cashback Credit Card Online Application Status

Customers are requested to kindly wait for at least 2 days before requesting a status update on their credit card application as it may take that much time for the Application Reference Number to reflect in the system.

Follow the given steps to track your Citi Cashback Credit Card online application status:

  • Visit the Citibank online official page and click on the ‘Credit Card’ tab in the menu bar.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. From that menu, choose the ‘Track Application Status’ option which will redirect you to a new page.
  • Enter your Application Reference Number (the 11-digit number sent to you via SMS on receipt of your application) and your mobile number which you entered in your application and click on the option of ‘Submit’.
  • If you have gone through the above-given steps correctly and have entered the right information, then you will get one of the following application statuses: Approved, Disapproved, Dispatched, In-progress or On-hold.
  • If you have not gone through the above-given steps correctly or have entered the wrong information, then you may get a ‘No records found’. Please ensure that you enter the correct information so as to avoid this.

An ‘In-progress’ status may require you to wait for a few more days, an ‘On-hold’ status may require further documentation or information from you and a ‘Disapproved’ status may be because your application does not meet Citibank’s eligibility criteria.

Citi Cashback Card Credit Limit

The credit limit depends on your income, credit score, and repayment capabilities. Higher the income, credit score, and repayment ability, higher will be the credit limit and vice-versa. Your credit limit utilization must not exceed 30%-40% as it could lead to high chances of default and consequently may lead to lower credit score.

Citi Cashback Credit Card Bill Payment

You can make a bill payment to your Citi Cashback Credit Card through a number of ways:

Step #1: Payment via Citi Mobile App: Payment through your Citi Mobile App is the most convenient and easiest form of bill payment there is.

  1. Log in to your Citi Mobile App by your User ID and IPIN.
  2. Select the home page and go to menu options.
  3. Select the Credit card Bill payment option.
  4. Select the Credit card number for payment, enter the amount and click on ‘Make Payment’.
  5. Alternatively, you could also click on your credit card from the account dashboard and click on the ‘Make a payment’ option.

Step #2: Payment through NEFT: You can get funds credited to your credit card through the NEFT option even when you pay via a Non-Citibank account. Fund transfer request before 6 pm on weekdays and working Saturdays are credited on the same day while they are credited on the following working day if the request is made after 6 pm on non-working days.

  1. Login to your Non-Citibank account and click on NEFT fund transfer.
  2. Add your Citibank credit card as a payee for fund transfer.
  3. Make the payment towards the card added via NEFT.
  4. Use the following details while doing a payee addition:
  • Payee Name: Name as it appears on your Citibank Credit Card
  • Payee Account Number: Valid Citibank credit card number
  • Bank Name: Citibank N.A.
  • Payment Account Type: Select any account type
  • IFSC Code: CITI0000003 (customers residing in any city can make a payment using CHENNAI IFSC code)
  • Branch Address: CHENNAI (customers residing in any city can make a payment using CHENNAI as branch address)                                                                                                                                                                            

Step #3: Payment through Visa Money Transfer (VMT): You can use the option of Visa Money Transfer while paying your credit card bill via a Non-Citibank account. This normally takes up to 5 working days to get credited to your Citibank credit card depending on the processing time of your bank.

Step #4: Payment through Automated Clearing System (NACH): You can set up a National Automated Clearing System (NACH) facility for your credit card bill payment. Through this, you can pay your Citibank credit card bill automatically from your other bank savings account. This facility can be used for Total Amount Due (TAD), Minimum Amount Due (MAD) or Fixed Amount Due (FAD). It may take 3-5 days for the amount to get credited.

Step #5: Online payment through other bank accounts: Citibank credit card has been added as Utility Biller with other banks including HDFC Bank, ING Vysya Bank, State Bank of India, IndusInd Bank and Yes Bank. You can use this option when you log in to the Online Banking Platform of your Non-Citibank bank account. This might take up to 3 working days (except Saturday & Sunday) to get credited in your account.

Step #6: Payment through a Cash deposit at Branch: You can pay your credit card bill via cash payment by depositing the cash at Citibank branches. A fee of Rs 250 per deposit will be applicable. PAN card verification is compulsory for cash payment greater than Rs 50,000. A third party can also make the cash payment for your credit card at a Citibank branch. The turn-around time is 24 hours for payment made through cash deposits.

Loss/Theft/Misuse of the Citi Cashback Credit Card

You should immediately contact Citibank in case your card is lost, stolen, misplaced, or if someone else knows the PIN or other security information. You can contact Citibank by calling the 24-hour CitiPhone at 1800 267 2425.

In case your credit card is stolen, you must immediately report the theft to the police and lodge an FIR.

Once you have informed Citibank of the loss of your card, you will then not be liable for any misuse on the card or PIN (unless you have acted with gross negligence). But you will be held responsible for losses owning to any misuse that happened with your consent or knowledge or prior to intimation to Citibank about the loss of the card.  


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